Spring boards


Common Sense Gallery
10545 115 Street, Edmonton, AB

"Spring Boards" - a new solo exhibition of colourful collaged abstract pictures, inspired by our modern landscape.

March 23 - April 14/2012
Common Sense welcomes Spring and opens the gallery’s much anticipated 2012 exhibition
season with Spring Boards, a new solo exhibition of colourful collaged abstract pictures by Edmonton artist Taya Ross.
“This project is a series of recent work that brings together the style and techniques that I have been developing over the years. By using abstraction, I aim to reinterpret the landscape through form and color. My subject matter includes elements of the landscape: the land as well as built objects, and how these interact and change.

The work is put together using a variety of methods in order to create interesting forms, textures and colors that work well together: unified in style and subject matter, but varied in size and material.”
Taya Ross is an artist born and based in the Edmonton, Alberta.